Cyprus Flexi VPS Plus

Affordable ・ Scalable ・ Unbeatable
Affordable ・ Scalable ・ Unbeatable
Disk Size (GB)
Усього: 29.75

CPUs x €8.00 EUR/Щомісячно


RAM (MB) x €0.01 EUR/Щомісячно

Disk Size (GB)

Disk Size (GB) x €0.60 EUR/Щомісячно

Initial Configuration - Cyprus Flexi VPS Plus

Hostname / Domain *

Operating System *
Minimum Requirements for Microsoft Server OS: 1GB RAM, 40GB Hard Disk.
For other OS not listed please select "Other" and specify your desired OS in the Order Notes.
Control Panel
No Control Panel
Direct Admin - Unlimited Domains (Linux Only) ( €30.00 EUR Щомісячно )
ISPConfig Control Panel
OpenVZ - Unlimited License (Linux Only) ( €45.00 EUR Плата за встановлення)
Number of IPs
x IP ( €5.00 EUR )
1 IP is included for FREE
Network Speed
Bandwidth *

Enhance Your Server with any of our SPP™ Addons

Додати Firewalls
Software Firewall

Додати Premium DNS
DNS Standard

DNS Business

DNS Enterprise

Додати SSL Certificates
RapidSSL Certificate

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV

Додати Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup CB25

Cloud Backup CB100

Cloud Backup CB200

Підсумок Замовлення

Cyprus Flexi VPS Plus €25.00 EUR Щомісячно
CY VAT @ 19%   €4.75 EUR
Загальна кількість повторень: €29.75 EUR Щомісячно

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